Presenttips till en bibliofil

17 Okt

Snart fyller Fru E år, på riktigt alltså! Därför googlade jag runt och kollade presenter till the bookish type = moi! Jag älskar att fylla år!

Så, Stefan, this one´s for you! 😉

”This is one for the lover of books. An open book ready to be read. It is open to a page that explains a wonderful product called Book Jewelry. Made with a gold book, burgundy ribbon and ruby beads.”

Charles Dickens Travel Tin Candle”From The Library Collection of elegantly scented candles and diffusers, this travel candle features a unique blend of scents inspired by the beloved English novelist and writer Charles Dickens.”

Sherlock Holmes Action Figure

”Imagine the hours of fun you’ll have with your very own Sherlock Holmes action figure! Bring the man to life with this freakishly realistic action figure, which includes a working magnifying glass and removable pipe. Oh, the mysteries you’ll solve together!”

It Was A Dark And Stormy Night - Games About Books

 ”It Was A Dark & Stormy Night, a game of “first lines,” is one of the quintessential games about books. Bring it to book club for a change of pace, or simply invite your bookish friends over for a night of fun, laughs and a splash of culture!”

Book Lover Hair Pins

 Channel your inner Goldilocks with these unusual Book Lover Hair Pins. Gorgeous for bookish hair everywhere, and a fantastic literary gift.”

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Publicerat av på 17 oktober, 2012 i Kuriosa


Ett svar till “Presenttips till en bibliofil

  1. Bokomaten

    18 oktober, 2012 at 12:29

    Men åh! Spelet såg jättefint ut! Men svååååårt! Vill också fylla år, haha! HOppas du får något du önskar dig!=)



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